Messiah's Vision

A Loving and Caring Place

Core Values: what’s most important to us

We cultivate:

Sharing the Love of Jesus with the Community

Think of your most fervent wish. Then imagine Jesus in front of you, attentive and able to bring permanent change in that situation. When Jesus left this earth, He gave powerful authority to His followers to do as He did:(Matthew 28:18-20) speak God’s truth, heal the sick, cast out demons, pray earnestly and constantly and spend time with those that others forgot or avoided so Christ could win their hearts. (Luke 10:2-11)He went out to meet immediate and deep-seated needs and really saw inside individual hearts regardless of their social position. (Mark 6:34) Christians are Jesus’ hands, feet, mouth and heart.  If we are not in the world proclaiming and living the truth that God is here for them, we are not true Christians.

A Missionary Heart

God’s told us to go and tell the message of God to everyone we meet, no matter the cost. That message is: God loves you enough to die for you. Nothing (NOTHING!!) you could have ever done, or will do in the future can ever change God’s total acceptance of you. (Ephesians 2:8-9) Our sin can create a barrier between God and us, but the bottom line is – God wants you, no matter what. People who accept this message live very powerful, fearless lives. Nothing (not our laziness, our busy-ness, fear or embarrassment) must stop this message from reaching all humans living in this earth.

The Kingdom-Builder Mindset

Will people finally see themselves as Kingdom Builders.  Will Jesus the Kingdom Builder will be seen as He really is: a life-changing and completely benevolent leader that is worth following, the ultimate cause that enables us to sacrifice much so many can know Him. Please understand that God’s Kingdom is global and not concentrated merely within one denomination or religious group. It is not constrained by man-made constructs that are so prevalent in church life today. All acts of the church must be led by the Will of God.

Worship as a Lifestyle

When people become attracted to the Love of God, they choose Him as trusted friend, as abiding life-partner.  We seek to blur the long-standing polarization between the secular and spiritual experience. Instead, every private and public thought, plan or act becomes part of our worship of the Lord.

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