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Demographics: the people we seek

In the beginning, God spoke to us about people living in the Belleville NJ area. We initiated a community assessment profile at that time, prepared by the Georgia Baptist Convention. Through the Lord’s prodding we became interested in people who do not see themselves attending a place of worship every Sunday. The resulting assessment profile showed that 80% of Belleville residents feel this way. If you are someone who is not necessarily interested in aligning with a religious organization but wants to have a real relationship with Jesus Christ and His followers, consider joining this effort.

In essence, we are bringing this experience to you, rather than compelling you to come get from us.  This means that your own home becomes the place where intimacy with God’s Word and work begins. Your own home becomes the place where God pours His favor and protection. Any family, couple or individual who wants to move forward in this process can then bring their own loved ones and friends into the group, if they wish.

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