Messiah's Vision

A Loving and Caring Place

Praise and Prayer Rally for the Nations

The ministry of worship, prayer covering and interceding for Philippines and the nations. Raising up intercessors and worshippers who will enforce and sustain favorable spiritual climate for the Gospel of Jesus Christ both here and abroad.

We envision a united Body of Christ that captures the very heart of God. That’s why every gathering we also desire to unite and ignite the passion of His Church, by encouraging every believer to intentionally engage themselves in worship and prayer.

Every last Saturday of the month, a church hosts the gathering and several churches are asked to join. Each church’s worship team leads and afterwards pray for their assigned prayer item, the rally runs for five hours. Although the rally is like any gathering we endeavor to take away the “spotlight” from us, encouraging the people to be less concerned over the details and focusing oneself only to minister more to God – the Audience of One.